Monday, March 16, 2009

french verbs and G's spirit fingers

"Men recite the multiple table when they're horny, you know. You don't just recite french verbs in your idle time! " A was telling G about my weird antics that practically almost sent me off the roof because of embarrassment. I had this habit of conjugating french verbs sometimes. It seemed that it kind of freaked A out when I told her.

"I was not horny! I'm just weird!" G was giving me the I-didn't-know-you-had-it-in-you look. "Why would I be horny? We were just sitting in the bus! There was nothing to be horny about!" The guys on the table next to us were giving us sidelong glances.

To change the topic, I asked about G's boyfriends - she has two. "I want to go to N's house!" That's one of her boyriends. "Then, why don't you?" I told her. A and I don't particularly like the fact that she has two boyfriends. We're okay with it if its an open relationship but if they are dating exclusively then its has to be, well, exclusive. Anyway, I asked her, "You visit his house late at night like now?" It was 12 midnight.

"So have you done it?" I asked her. I didn't beat around the bush, we're friends. She answered, "100% percent pure virgin!" with matching spirit fingers and mind you, she has a naturally loud voice. Now the guys next to our table were really giving us weird looks, sending glances to each other that me and A are very familiar of. We use that looks too.

I switched to French, "Those guys are giving us weird looks, G is also being so loud!"

"I know. They heard what we said." A replied.

"Of course, they heard what we said, G practically shouted it!" G doesn't speak French, and she was irritated we left her out of the conversation. A and I don't really use French when we're not alone in courtesy of others who cannot understand. But in times of duress, exceptions are rightfully made.

I was thinking: "By god, I should commit Hara Kiri now! Maybe I can salvage my dignity and honor!" I was being dramatic but I think you get my point.


Anonymous said...

You A and G are total riots! And having two boyfriends seems like one hell of a balancing act--I hope G can handle that. Excellent bit Paige.

roentarre said...

This is very very cool!

I used to follow a lady's writing and her name is Elise. She writes like you do but she has stopped blogging.

Glad to have found a great blog to read!

HalfCrazy said...

What, you guys speak French? LOL that is cool. It's also good to know that you guys just use it when you and A are together.

I don't understand people having two affairs lol. But hey, if she's happy with it, it's fine! Just as long as she doesn't get herself into trouble.

HalfCrazy said...

Oh, it's completely logical why you guys speak French. I forgot that you do EU studies.

JecaOnline said...

I can just picture you guys while having this conversation. Ha ha! And the weird looks. xD Lovely writing, Paige. I enjoyed reading this. :P

Nazaa Hitz said...

like what the others said. INTERESTING!!!

Anonymous said...

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