Thursday, March 12, 2009

the motor, the armalite, and my mouth

Sorry I wasn't able to post an entry these past few days. I was really busy. The only thing I do when I get home is sleep. I just can't get enough sleep these past few weeks.

When I was young, my teachers in my grade school used to call me an armalite because I couldn't stop talking. I was so loquacious that my lips got scotch-taped more times than I could count. Well, I still have that tendency now. Sometimes, I just can't stop talking! I really like chatting with people and sometimes I ask lots of stuff but besides asking a lot, I say a lot too; even though the one I'm talking to didn't ask.

Today, I went out to eat with two of my professors in our university. They're pretty cool because they hang out with us. Most professors think they're too (pardon my choice of word) superior to hang out with us. I just realized that its good to have a personal relationship with your professors, besides having the teacher-student relationship inside the four walls of your classroom.

Anyway, my motor mouth strikes again. I feel so embarrassed. I shouldn't have mentioned that thing that happened between my blockmates and I. I should not have said the thing about me getting a 4.0 while the half of the class failed. I must sound like I was bragging about it when I'm really not. I fail some exams, and get some low grades too. My gpa is not that high compared to others. I am just fairly and mediocre-ly good in math - not brilliant like the others in my class. I flunk and make mistakes as most regular people too. In short, I'm just a regular, normal, and hardworking student. I shouldn't have blabbered about that thing between me and my blockmates. What would my professors think about me or my blockmates now? Thanks to me and my motormouth, I totally do not know how to face them next week but I'm sure I'll get over it - as soon as I finish writing this entry! (haha)

Okay.. So there's really nothing special about this post! I just can't help myself! I have to blog about this or I'll totally dream about this!! lol haha I'll post something of importance tomorrow, maybe I'll have a clear head by then.

By the way, I'll resume commenting blogs I followed over the weekend! thanks!


Gena said...

You'll be alright! We don't all speak the way we should, but, as long as we know what we're talking about, it's not a total loss.

amalbose said...

Just be yourself and never try to change it for the sake of others.
If you feel like talking, just do it.

HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha! Talking and chatting is alright, even to the point you can't stop! But hey, you gotta control yourself or people will be bored with you talking about 70% of the time, hahaha.

At least you didn't mean to brag!

I have Professors who are also my friends. One of them I call "Ninong" even though he's not related to me hahaha.

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