Sunday, March 8, 2009

the masochistic soon-to-be hermit

I have gotten over the feeling of dread about taking DDR's class and it has now been replaced by a mixed feeling of excitement and curiosity.

Right now, I brand myself a masochist.

Who in the right mind would actually be excited to enroll in DDR's class? Obviously, me. I know some others - upperclassmen who were also excited to have DDR as their professor, so we must be kindred spirits who must've lost our minds. Masochists who get the thrill of the excitement from whips and steel bars albeit figuratively.

Soon, I would have to brand myself a hermit.

I'm saying goodbye to my social life - temporarily. Surely next term, I will not get as much free time as I do now - free time that is already very nil. During my break, I'll have to make sure that I go out and have fun before I totally drown myself in the sea of readings and articles that would totally make me lose my mind. I will not spend my break at home. I will go out and do no-brainer stuff - stupid and idiotic stuff but I'll remind myself to cover my face with a brown paper bag lest I make myself known.

After the break, I will drown myself at doing my thesis which could totally succeed in killing me. If DDR will not kill me, my thesis mates will. I have the feeling that they do not share my excitement but I will save that entry for later - an entry that you'll be seeing soon I'm sure.


Gena said...

It'll all be over soon!

JecaOnline said...

Aren't you too young to be stressed that much. LOL. College also have its fun part. Anyway, more power to you and your readings. :P My final week is on its way too. Hugs!

HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha, try not go get too involved in it! A lot of people can study while partying harder.

But hey, it's great to get involved, especially if you're gonna learn in the process.

Carol said...

Oh for the good ol' days again :)

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